About the Courses We Offer

An Introduction To Healing
If the thought of becoming a healer is new to you having just popped into your mind and just won't go away then we have a course that gives some insight. Our one-day Foundation Course provides an introduction, lightly touching on several aspects to do with healing and giving an understanding of what is involved in being a healer. There is a certificate of attendance at the end of the day.

Becoming a Healer
Perhaps you already know this is now your way forward in which case our Two-Year Intermediate Healing Course may be for you. It comprises six weekend workshops over a period of two years with time for study, assessment exercises and tutorials in between. The syllabus is comprehensive in nature, dealing with all aspects of healing and physiology. It studies in depth the Code of Conduct by which every Healer at the Sanctuary abides together with current legislation. It also goes without saying that the College is aligned to UK Healers and therefore carries their accreditation. During training the student has the opportunity to be a chaperone at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. After completion of the course culminating in a final verbal assessment the graduate healer is awarded a diploma and has the comfort of knowing they belong to the Harry Edwards Healer Register which carries insurance and are entitled to be called Harry Edwards Full Healers.


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